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Decaf CO2 Special


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The decaffeination method used for this particular coffee is the patented Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Decaffeination Process: The raw, unroasted coffee is moistened with water and contacted with pressurized, liquid CO2, which is gained from a freshwater spring in Northern Germany. By circulation through the coffee, CO2 draws the caffeine out of the bean. This process is reiterated until the required residual caffeine level is reached. Finally, the coffee is discharged into a drier where it is gently dried to about the original moisture content. Thereafter, the coffee is ready for roasting. Decaffeination with natural CO2 is a particularly gentle process, guaranteeing a high retention of aroma and taste components. Especially high-grade specialty coffees benefit from this senstive treatment. In addition, this process is all-natural and certified organic.

      Some coffee lovers want to enjoy the taste of coffee but cannot handle the stimulating effect of caffeine.  While for most people caffeine is a desired energy booster, more sensitive consumers face unpleasant side effects such as nervousness or agitation.  For them and anybody else who wants to reduce caffeine consumption without sacrificing coffee pleasure, decaffeinated coffee is the ideal option.  Our decaffeinated coffee is a blend of carefully chosen beans .  Constantly striving for exceptional decaf coffee, we make a selection of perfectly harmonizing Arabicas from South America and East Africa.  In the case of this decaf CO2 special, the composition of beans induces a well balanced cup: fruity sweetness meets notes of tobacco and chocolate.

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