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Colombia Single Origin


Historically, Colombia has been shattered by various periods of violence and set-backs. However, in the past 20 years, Colombia has leaped into becoming an economic powerhouse in Latin America.  On the quest for distinguished coffees, you simply can not pass Colombia.  Its quality, reputation stems from hard work and excellent terrain.

Colombias’ natural beauty comes from its extreme diversity; two oceans,  snow peaked mountains and glaciers,  endless deserts as well as the Amazon basin can be found in this unique South American gem. The west of the country is dominated by three Andes mountain ranges called The Cordilleras. Due to their proximity to the equator, several microclimates are formed within these mountain ranges. Add to that altitude ranges from 800 to 2200 metres and you will start to realise Colombian coffees are so diverse.

Boliviar is a town in the municipality of Antioquia Colombia part of the sub region of south western Antioquia surrounded by rainforests over big mountains. Coffee was one of the first economic  activities  in Boliviar and due to this their landscape is decorated with many coffee crops in the lowest part of the mountain. They also represent the tradition of traditional Colombian wash coffee with amazing profiles of sugar cane, chocolate and a delicate body.

Finca Los Alps belongs to the Arboleda family, third generation coffee growers.The farm is 90 hectares  in size, out of which 58 are planted in coffee, 5 are used for cattle and the balance is a precious forest reserve. Most of the coffee is shade grown under canopy of guamo and fruit trees. The farm neighbours with the Farallones mountains which separate Antioquia from the heavy rainforest of Choco, creating an exotic and favourable microclimate with 3000 millimeters of rain. The farm is planted in Caturra variety at 1750 – 1800 metres. Our cup profile consists of red orange fruit chocolate  and a sweet lingering finish.

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