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Honduras Single Origin


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Located in the very middle of Central America, Honduras is a country that shows off its natural beauty. Mountainous landscapes covered with endless forests and jungles with abundant wildlife are characteristic of this beautiful country. Some people even refer to Honduras as the „green lung“ of Central America.

Although Honduras is producing more coffee than Costa Rica and Guatemala combined, little is known about it in the specialty scene. Over decades banana was the predominant cash crop in Honduras.

While neighboring countries had governmental initiatives to foster smallholder coffee growth, Honduran coffee production gained little recognition aside from the commodity market. Lack of infrastructure was the main reason why high-quality coffees could not be distinguished from other produce. However, in the past few years, the Honduran national coffee institute IHCAFE has put quite some effort into educating the farmers for them to be able to improve processing and growing techniques.

By creating a widespread network of producers and washing stations even in remote areas, the interest in high-quality coffee production grew. Nowadays, especially coffees from smallholder cooperatives have managed to make their way to cross the sea and spoil us with their divine sweetness.

      Honduras might be small in size, but it has a lot to offer. Despite challenges such as high poverty rates, immigration, and coffee leaf rust, the country’s coffee scene remains strong, positioning itself as Central America’s largest coffee producer.

      Montecillos is one of the six official coffee-producing regions in Honduras, and without a doubt, a very special one. Located along the Salvadoran border in the southwest of the country, Montecillos has ideal weather conditions and high altitudes for the growth of specialty coffee. As a result of this region’s quality, Montecillos has gained worldwide recognition and is home to Honduras’ first origin designation: Café de Marcala.

      This L+B Flor Azul selection comes from our friends at COMSA, located in the district of Marcala, La Paz. The cooperative was founded in 2000 by 45 community-minded farmers. At the time, farmers were suffering rock-bottom coffee prices which made it unprofitable to harvest coffee. Nevertheless, COMSA’s farmers united forces in order to access specialty markets and rebuild their livelihoods. Today, the cooperative is a leader in organic coffee production, serving over 1,200 members. By offering training focused on organic farming and farm diversification, a school for their children, support for processing infrastructure, and more, the cooperative benefits its farmer members and the community as a whole.

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